Newsletter – Our values  

In 2020 Aria John started MyLoca Foods with his mum in their kitchen at home. Many things have changed for the company in these two years, but the core values are still our foundations.  


From the beginning, the idea was to be close to the customer. This is the main reason why we want to deliver our products door by door, to see who is behind an email, and to have a relationship with clients.  

Furthermore, we only deliver personally by bike, which brings us closer to our buyers and makes us unique.  

This is also a fantastic way to receive constructive feedback to understand what we can improve and how we can facilitate customers’ experiences.  


Another fundamental aspect for us is producing homemade products.  

The elements we use are simple, they can be found in everyone in the supermarket. When you read the list of ingredients there is nothing weird, everyone can understand the label. No mysterious substances and no additives.  

Furthermore, the ingredients are specifically selected. For instance, we utilize good fats sources like coconut and olive oil, and we do not use refined white flour. Instead, in our goods, there are a lot of nuts and seeds, rich in good fats, fibers, and proteins.  


The idea of starting this company came from Aria’s cycling passion and his willingness to make keto-friendly products available to everyone.  

However, this does not mean that our products are exclusively for those who follow a keto diet. Anyone can benefit from them.  

All our items can be beneficial to:  

– People who have problems with blood sugar levels or who have diabetes. In fact, being low in carbohydrates and lacking both refined flour and sugar, all our products are perfect for those who is struggling to maintain normal sugar levels in the body.  

– People sensible to gluten. Since we use alternative flours rich in proteins, there is naturally no gluten in our products, making them suitable for those who are avoiding gluten from their diet.  – People who have no clinical conditions, but who are aware of what they buy and who want to have nutritious products made with few ingredients rich in nutrients. 

Bottom line  

– Our company was both with the idea to make homemade keto-friendly products available for everyone.  

– Closeness to customers, quality of ingredients, and health are our core points  – Our products are suitable for everyone: for those who are following a specific diet or simply for those who  want to have a product rich in nutrients at home

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